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nicholas hoult: without shades of gray

hecatedarkmagic in dark_queens

discussion post #2: room arrangements

Okay, so we do like to torment our characters a little by messing around with their room arrangements.

Rachel: Eros and Apollo

Esther: eros would totally mess with his harp

Rachel: and then apollo would get into this hissy fit
that the whole block can hear

Esther: yeah and artemis would go threaten eros, but be secretly amused and stuff and eros would try to flirt, only to get lashed out by artemis' acid tongue
she would still be extremely amused, but of course she has to hide it to save her rep

So comment away with the pairings (:


Artemis and Athena, maybe?
hey, that'll actually be cool, since they're both the same but radically different...

man, if only aphrodite wasn't a teacher. can you imagine artemis and her?
yeah, but i think putting artemis with daphne would be potentially hilarious

and yeah, wow. (: imagine aphrodite and psyche too *cringes*
Psyche and Hera (i'd love to see how that works out XD)
zeus and poseidon! loads of kids would try and hack into the school computer to get roomed with zeus but zeus and poseidon get stuck together anyway. (connections, connections...)

hera and iris, only iris can put up with her anyway.

athena and nike! 8)

then in that case:

Artemis and Daphne (you could see Apollo trying to beg his sister for some favour to get closer to Daphne)

Psyche and Hecate (:
oh man, yess. can you totally see the touching artemis/daphne scenes when daphne gets leukemia? ;_;
I know (:

and then you have apollo visiting so often
maybe she'd eventually accept him... and they could be happy for awhile. or she could do the usual epic soap opera thing and like him, but not let him know since she's dying.
oh that would be fun to write (: