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Mar. 24th, 2009

nicholas hoult: without shades of gray


hiatus over

okay, i'm going to start writing real soon, perhaps thursday or so. i have an idea about writing hecate/poseidon, with hermes thrown in the middle of course. (:

Mar. 23rd, 2009

she's gonna dance the world


this doesn't really make sense.

Athena-centric, just some thoughts I was having.

She wonders when she first became so alone, or when she stopped talking. Between all the forced smiles and friendly grins, the failed heart-to-heart talks with friends that just keep diminishing, she wonders when she first began to freeze up. She can’t pin-point a certain time, but she keeps freezing all the same, growing colder and more distant, further away from everything else, becoming more and more lost with each iced-over heartbeat.


her thoughts are her constant companionCollapse )


i know Athena's best friend is supposed to be Nike, but I always thought that they were close, but Athena has so many thoughts and reflections and things that only make sense to her, sharing them with Nike doesn't always work out. And that always kind of sucks, because your friends are supposed to understand you, so Athena passes it off as her being so odd and out of place no one would never understand her. Yep, that's how I see it. ^_^ I hope that actually made sense, I was feeling kind of incoherent.

Jan. 28th, 2009

nicholas hoult: without shades of gray


when musicians of eccentric temperaments come together

Eros runs into the rehearsal room, exactly at the same time when Aphrodite brings out her conductor score and to find that there is no music stand in front of her.

"Where's my stand?" She asks. No one answers.

"I'll ask again, where is my conductor stand? Persephone!" She yells.

At least I don't spend most of orch time counting bars to come in.Collapse )

Jan. 24th, 2009

nicholas hoult: without shades of gray


discussion post #2: room arrangements

Okay, so we do like to torment our characters a little by messing around with their room arrangements.

Rachel: Eros and Apollo

Esther: eros would totally mess with his harp

Rachel: and then apollo would get into this hissy fit
that the whole block can hear

Esther: yeah and artemis would go threaten eros, but be secretly amused and stuff and eros would try to flirt, only to get lashed out by artemis' acid tongue
she would still be extremely amused, but of course she has to hide it to save her rep

So comment away with the pairings (:

Jan. 23rd, 2009

live through this


where all things begin

Vicis mos non deleo nos.

That is what it says below their school crest, above the entrance of their school. In their school hall. Emblazoned on the back of school sweaters. Time will never erase us. That is the promise they make when they first enter. A promise they are reminded of each morning they walk in and see those words. A promise each of them will keep.

This is the place they begin, it is the place they learn to live. It is where all things begin.

With each new day, the memory of yesterday does not fade away. Instead, it becomes stronger, it becomes part of them, it becomes who they are and who they will be.

Time is fleeting, what remains is their passion, their hope and their dreams.

Even time has to start somewhere.

They will not be forgotten.

Vicis mos non deleo nos.