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spring crossroads

what highschool's about

spring crossroads high school
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vicis mos non deleo nos


humble beginnings
Welcome to Spring Crossroads High School! The brain child of hecatedarkmagic and edenesque, we got overly obsessed when we were each writing greek mythology based novellas, on eros&psyche and hades&persephone respectively. both being tortured by the pains of the high school system, we decided to put our favourite greek gods and goddesses through the same affliction...

how things work
we've given most of the greek gods and goddesses a personality and backstory, which will be told through little flash fiction/vignette like clips of writing. there's no set timelime, we basically write whatever we feel like, as long as its in a modern highschool setting.

we don't own the greek gods and goddeses (duh), we just like to push them around a bit. we've given each of them their own personality etc. based on how we see fit, hence there will be and is biasness (refer to esther's strong opinions on hades/persephone for an example). Also, things like incest and rape which are common in greek mythology are kind of illegal in our time, so expect stuff to be changed. :D so don't be surprised if what you read is different from what you're used to... variety is the spice of life :D

Spring Crossroads High School

Or SCHS for short, affectionately known as SC by students, Spring Crossroads is inspired by the titles of Persephone and Hecate respectively. It represents what high school is for every student - the start of their lives, and the point where they make the most decisions. The motto, Vicis mos non deleo nos, means Time Will Never Erase Us, stressing the importance of leaving a legacy, remembering the past, and becoming the future.


influence from afar
Goddess of Witchcraft, the Crossroads, the Wilderness, Childbirth, Queen of the Ghosts

Rachel is seventeen going on eighteen, and writing to her is a form of conscious escapism that she is addicted to. She loves writing love stories, which probably explains the choice of writing Eros/Psyche, her longest novella ever yet. Like most of her characters, she has mood swings, is unpredictable and idealistic, especially about the whole concept of love (yes she believes in the existence of a soulmate).


bringer of dazzling brightness
Goddess of Spring, Innocence, Fertility and Rebirth, Queen of the Underworld.

Esther is fourteen-going-on-fifteen, short and is positively obsessed with the Hades/Persephone myth (she can give you detailed reasons supported by metaphors and symbolism why Persephone was not raped, thank you very much). Like Persephone, she has radically different sides to herself, is overly-protected and loves the beauty of dark things.