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nicholas hoult: without shades of gray

hecatedarkmagic in dark_queens

when musicians of eccentric temperaments come together

Eros runs into the rehearsal room, exactly at the same time when Aphrodite brings out her conductor score and to find that there is no music stand in front of her.

"Where's my stand?" She asks. No one answers.

"I'll ask again, where is my conductor stand? Persephone!" She yells.

Eros smiles sheepishly at her, "Seph has extra classes, so she'll be late."

"Nice of you to join us, Eros. Now, could you set up a stand for me?" She tells him, sweetly.

"My pleasure, cousin." He stresses on the last word, albeit a little breathless from all the running. Fixing the stand within a minute, he hands it to her.

"Thank you." She says reluctantly. "Take out your scores, we're rehearsing the overture for Cosi Fan Tutte".

Immediately, there is a rustling of papers as everyone searches for their scores, placing them on their stands as soon as they find it.

"Five seconds!"

"Ma'am," Hermes' voice calls from the back of the room. "I can't find my bass score. I swear it was there this morning."

"Well, Hermes, that's because your part is the same as the cellos and I decided you don't have to play." She informs him, with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"So, I'll join Hecate at the percussion section."

"Very well then, don't disrupt the rehearsals."

Hermes runs over to the timpani and gives a hi-five to Hecate, whose heartbeat increases twice the usual. She is not used to the close proximity between both of them. Smiling, she hands him the sticks and instructs him to come in once the flutes finish their solo. He nods his head, even though he's not paying attention to a word she has said. His attention is on Aphrodite, who is bending down to talk to Iris, the concertmistress.

"Hey, did you hear what I just said? I can't supervise you, 'cos I still have the triangle to play." Hecate taps him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah. I've got it." He waves his hand dismissively, flinging one of the sticks in front and hitting Helios on the head.

"Watch it, timpanist." Helios yells, rubbing his head.

"Sorry." Hecate apologises for Hermes.

"Silence. Helios, an A for the orchestra, please."

Hermes retrieves the stick and prepares for the timpani entry. With a wave of her baton, Aphrodite leads the strings in, then the oboes, clarinets and finally the flutes enter. All seems to be going well until the end of the flute solo. Instead of the grand entrance of the timpani, a dull thud sound echoes from the back of the room.

"Hecate, where is the timpani entry?" Aphrodite cues for the orchestra to stop. Hecate points to Hermes, who looks at everyone, confused.


"How'd I know, they look the same to me. At least I can tell which side of the bow to use." He tries to defend himself.

"Okay, Hermes, stop acting like you know so much. Pass the sticks back to Hecate." Aphrodite shakes her head in disbelief. "Let's take it from the top again."

The orchestra starts playing from the beginning again. This time, Hecate hits the timpani at the right time and with the right side of the sticks. Hermes looks at her, earning a smirk from her. After which, she sits down and counts the bars to her next entry.

Persephone rushes in and sets up her cello. She whispers to Eros, "What did I miss?"

He replies her, "The fun is just starting."

Aphrodite ignores the distraction and continues conducting.

At the middle section, when the tempo of the overture changes and the dynamics change from forte to piano, suddenly the orchestra hears the crash of cymbals onto the floor.

"What the hell is going on behind?" Aphrodite stops the orchestra yet again, and Hermes hides behind the timpani.

"Exactly." Helios added, "Can't you keep quiet when you have to, percussionist? Or wait, it's impossible for you to do so..."

Hecate shoots a mock death glare at Hermes, who slowly gets up, before turning to look at Helios, "Shut up or I'll step on your reeds!"

He challenges, "You shut up, I'm the only instrument that can tune the entire orchestra! You just make noise!"

"This orchestra has no soul without me! Try playing overtures without the timpani!" She yells back. "If you think you can play percussion, try using your oboe to make the sound of the drums, stupid double reeded instrument!"

Helios shoots a glare at her.

"Clearly tuning the orchestra is all an oboe can do. And what's the nasal sounding tone, the viola sounds better than you." She turns to Psyche, "No offence though."

Aphrodite snorts and looks at Psyche, who stops smiling.

Helios counters, "At least I don't spend much of orchestra time counting bars to come in. You know another name for you? THE KITCHEN DEPARTMENT!"

"Oh, you know, if I press my nose and sing, it would sound like how you play the oboe."

At this point, Hermes decides to contribute to the argument, "You guys, we could cut the sexual tension with a butter knife."

Persephone looks at him, "Not funny, Hermes. If I played the violin, I'd knock your head with it."

"Watch out for my cymbals. I swear I'll hit them hard with your head in between." Hecate threatens.

This time, Eros speaks up, Nah, I think Persephone could just pizzicato his innards."

"I'll hide in my double bass. And besides, if you played sul ponticello, we'll all cry." Hermes laughs.

He does not expect what happens next, Persephone reaches out and whacks him on the head with her wooden bow.

"Don't blame me if your bow breaks." He smirks.

"Nah, it's just a cheap wooden bow. I still have the carbon one." She teases.

Aphrodite, who has been watching all the drama at the side in shock, finally responds, "Oh come on people. What did I say about instrument care? Especially you, Persephone."

Persephone ignores her, and goes on, "I'll just put a mute over your mouth then."

"It only fits the double bass." Hermes grins and looks from her cello to his bass, "Mine's bigger, ya know."

She understands what he is trying to imply and pretends to be blur, "Really? The sound from your bass is just rumbling."

"Seph, how do you play a cello?" Hermes scratches his head in mock confusion.

She replies him, smiling suggestively, "Well, you put it between your legs." Her answer draws comments from the rest of the orchestra, who looks at her in disbelief. Hecate hits her timpani to end the argument and throws her sticks at Hermes. He ducks behind his double bass and the sticks hit his cover, making a hollow sound.

Persephone comments casually, "Well, that's the sound of his head."

"Crap, my 4K bass." He rubs the spot where the sticks hit.

"That's enough crap from all of you. Detention and you all will spend that time annotating your scores." At last, Aphrodite loses her temper.

No one says anything, though Seph and Hermes turn to each other and smile.

To Be Continued...


OHMYGOSH. i've been waiting for this! :D it's awesome. are you astounded by our awesomeness? i sure am. awesomeaweseomawesome. ^_^

though persephone should probably be there in the first part, since she was playing cello, and hermes only didn't play contrabass because cello part was playing, right? :)

either way, i'm in awe of your knowledge of orchestra. *sniff* must watch more nodame.
okay, i sort of realised we could fill in the other random instruments with nymphs and all... useful! :D

yeah (: i was trying to think of how to fill in the blanks

same here. you want to write the detention bit?
hahah, i know we're awesome (:

she was late though, so i didn't add her in. it continues from the eros scene i wrote earlier.

nah, i picked it up now and then (: nodame <3 btw
haha, the next orch session we should totally have someone feign ignorance about woodwinds, hermes or sth, since he's supposed to know nothing about orch. he could be prodding the double reeds and be all AWESOME THIS IS COOL and the woodwinds will be ...WE PUT THAT IN OUR MOUTHS. but we need more brass bashing too! :D

mm, okay, the detention scene! :D i'll go think of something. :)

i commented in school but i'm not sure if it registered... i drew character sketch things. they kind of suck because i haven't drawn in forever but :D anyway! :D
the comment registered, so yeah (:

agreed, i look forward to writing another one (: hermes is funny really.
:D i'm still trying to discern if my drawings are decent enough to show the world without launching an epidemic or sth.

yeah, of course hermes is funny! we wouldn't love him so much if he wasn't, :))))
I want to see them. Maybe you could just post them as members only (:

Yeah I love, Hecate wouldn't like him if he wasn't this funny.
Hi ehm I may seem alien but edenesque sent me over here! She says to say I play the bassoon. =D

In any case, really amusing reedread overall! I certainly can see where many of the terms/ideas/comments come from, haha. Just some comments, ehm;

She understands what he is trying to imply and pretends to be blur,
In style of the English teacher, 'blur' is 'colloq'!

"Okay, Hermes, stop acting like you know so much."
A little awkward to me but overall fine, probably just personal preference.

=) Enjoyed reading this! Hope more'll come soon, yey!

thanks for pointing out. as you can tell, i tend to not heed english conventions (:

sure, i'll continue writing (: